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Bring out the bubbles!


 Did you ever have one of those days where it starts out with nothing going right, then at some point during the day the powers-that-be come along and hit you upside the head with some news that will put everything back into its proper perspective?  That was my day yesterday, and it was definately a good thing. 

Celebration was in order.  Lucky for us we were prepared.  Some good friends had given us this bottle of Asotoria 2006  prosecco  for our anniversary,  knowing our fondness for italian bubbles.  I know the picture isn’t the best, but this prosecco was very nice.   I only wish a certain cancer-defying family member lived closer so she could try some with us.

We did have dinner while the celebratory bottle cooled off on ice.  I don’t know what I was thinking actually using the oven in 100 degree heat, but lets just say the dinner was not as nice as the liquid dessert.  Turkey cutlets pounded thin and lightly coated with flour and parmesan cheese.  I browned them in the skillet and finished with a white wine pan sauce.  It sounded better than it was.  Maybe if the weather was a bit cooler outside and I had gone a little lighter on the salt.   Jason said he thought it tried too hard (?).  What’s done is done, I was too happy to worry about a salty dinner!  The picture was nice, so I will throw it in for good measure. Talk to you soon!

turkey culets


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Crooks Corner is famous for inventing shrimp and grits.  It isn’t every day that I get to dine at a restaurant that has created a culinary trend.  That being said, after my trip there this evening, I have to admit I did not get their signature dish.  I did get the pan-seared tuna that came with some perfectly friend okra.  The great thing about this restaurant, as well as lots of the restaurants in Chapel Hill and the surrounding area, is that so many of them use the freshest local ingredients. 

The hands-down best part of the meal was the chocolate mayonnaise cake with divinity icing.   The mayo stands in for the egg and oil in the recipe, and the cake comes out super-moist.  I can only explain the divinity icing as white, fluffy and not too sweet. Almost like a marshmallow.  I have seen some recipes for divinity icing that actually do call for marshmallows.  It was so good, I took the half of the cake I didn’t have room for home with me.  Since I have to go into work tomorrow morning, I might take it with me for breakfast!

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White Sangria

sangria picture

This past weekend, we celebrated my parents’ 75th birthdays.  The party was in Pennsylvania, so we had to fly up there on Friday night.  Our contribution to the menu was this nice bowl of white sangria, it was easy to throw together the night before.  I like both types of sangria, but I thought this was great since it was so nice and light.  My sister seemed especially fond of the fruit that had been soaking all night! 😉


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A beautiful sandwich!

First Recipe! Woo-hoo!

Tonight for dinner I made my new favorite sandwich… muffuletta with grilled veggies, salami and ham. It was a great way to use up some of the HUGE tomatoes, and great veggies I have been getting from the CSA program that I belong to. I based this recipe off of a Cooking Light version.


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Here we go!

Here I go, off on this idea to start a blog about food and drinks and the fun things in life. I get lots of crazy ideas, but I don’t often follow them… I guess it has something to do with turning 31 and dealing with some “life is so short” trains of thought.

Okay, enough of this philosophical mumbo jumbo. Since this is the first post of my blog, I thought you might want to hear a little about me…

I like food. I have always liked to eat, but I never knew I could cook until I had to live on my own and I couldn’t afford one more dinner out. Food is a big comfort to me. Putting together a great dinner can put a smile on my husband’s face, and it can also let me know I am not a complete idiot when nothing else seems to go right.

I don’t consider myself a great gourmet chef. I am definately a recipe-aholic. Most of the things you see coming from my kitchen will be simple (I hate dishes), but maybe it will inspire you to do something differently, or maybe you will make a suggestion and I will learn something new too!

The title of this blog comes from the line I hear from my husband on many nights around 7:00.. what are we drinking with dinner? And hence a blog is born…..

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