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This past weekend we celebrated a good friend’s birthday. I won’t say how old he is turning here on the internet. Let’s just say it was a milestone birthday.  For our present to him, we brought him a birthday cake from the Mad Hatter Bakery in Durham, NC.   I know what you are thinking; “Why didn’t you bake a cake for him?”.  The answer is very simple; I don’t bake.  Baking Lenny a cake would not have been a present for him; it would have been a trip to the ER.

Anyway, I was so glad when his sister told me that Lenny was a fan of chocolate cake.  Chocolate on chocolate cake is the only kind of sweet that I CANNOT resist. So I bought Lenny something that made my mouth drool just reading about it.  Death by Chocolate.  It consisted of three layers of devil’s food cake, with chocolate custard in between finished off with a coating of chocolate ganache.   It was the best cake I ever had in my whole entire life.  Lenny and everyone else who tasted the cake agreed. It was like eating a piece of chocolate cloud. I don’t know how they got something that looked so rich to taste so light.  It probably involves way more fat than I should be aware of.

I took a picture to show how pretty the decoration looked, but the cake was eaten so quickly there wasn’t time to take a picture of the cake once it was cut.  It probably isn’t fair to show you something that you can’t taste or smell.  All I can say is if you live in the area around Mad Hatter, you must go there and try their cakes. 

Death by Chocolate from the Mad Hatter

Happy Birthday Len!


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Crooks Corner is famous for inventing shrimp and grits.  It isn’t every day that I get to dine at a restaurant that has created a culinary trend.  That being said, after my trip there this evening, I have to admit I did not get their signature dish.  I did get the pan-seared tuna that came with some perfectly friend okra.  The great thing about this restaurant, as well as lots of the restaurants in Chapel Hill and the surrounding area, is that so many of them use the freshest local ingredients. 

The hands-down best part of the meal was the chocolate mayonnaise cake with divinity icing.   The mayo stands in for the egg and oil in the recipe, and the cake comes out super-moist.  I can only explain the divinity icing as white, fluffy and not too sweet. Almost like a marshmallow.  I have seen some recipes for divinity icing that actually do call for marshmallows.  It was so good, I took the half of the cake I didn’t have room for home with me.  Since I have to go into work tomorrow morning, I might take it with me for breakfast!

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