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The Curtis Rum and Sprite

I promise this drink has a yellow hue to it once you make it.  Good rum is golden yellow, right?

Mount Gay Rum + Sprite + Fresh Mint + Lime +Ice = A celebration.

Take a tall glass and fill with ice.  Add 2-3 oz of Mount Gay Rum (brand not negotiable).  Fill the rest of the glass with sprite.  Squeeze in 1 lime wedge.  Stir.  Take 3-4 fresh mint leaves and rub them with your fingers to release the aroma, and stir into the mix.   Wha-la.

A Taste of Yellow is a food blogger event hosted by winosandfoodies to mark LiveSTRONG day 2008 on May 13th.  Everyone is now or will eventually be touched by cancer.   Cancer came into my life early, when my older brother battled and beat Hodgkin’s disease. Twenty years later it has come to wage war with my Mother-in-law.  One day we will put an end to this horrid disease. The best we can do in the meantime is to support each other through the roller coaster that is cancer and celebrate every day.

For the Curtis family, we try our best to continue with the life we knew before the cancer came.  The best way I can describe that life is that it is filled with smiles and laughter and celebrations of life.   I think it is truly a gift from God that not only did I get to marry my husband, but I got my in-laws in the deal.  So this drink is for them. We have shared many of them over the past few years.

I don’t know if my post necessarily fits the criteria for the Taste of Yellow event.  Either way, make sure to check out all of the great photos and recipes at winosandfoodies on May 13th.  I was going to post a pork chops and mustard sauce recipe. But Friday night rolled around;  Buffett came on the stereo and the Curtis special got rolled out to toast the end of the week.   This post just felt right.

Let’s raise a toast to the memory of those we have lost and those who keep on keepin’ on.  

Stay strong everybody.


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