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I don’t have any pictures for this sandwich, but I am sure that there will be photos for future incarnations of this amazingly simple meal. 

It all started while I was at the grocery store picking up things for tonight’s dinner (more on that later).   I needed something for lunch and Jason wanted to grill since the weather was so nice.  I went in thinking hot dogs, but then a revelation came to me… grilled steak sandwiches!  I like to grill a marinated london broil and then serve the thinly sliced steak on a roll, but there was no time to marinate a whole london broil.  Alas!

A stop at the meat counter showed thinly sliced sirloin tip steaks.  I picked up two packages (pretty cheap), and then a bottle of Stubbs Beef marinade.  When I got home, I dumped the beef and the marinade in a ziplock first off, then unloaded the rest of the groceries.  About 15 minutes later, all of the groceries were put away and the meat was on the grill.  About 5 minutes later, the steaks were layered onto a nice club roll with horseradish, A1 sauce, cheddar or swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato.  Add chips and a pickle and we beat a hot dog by a mile.

I am sure you could do this with skirt steak, but the grocery stores in my area do not always carry that cut of meat.  Both are very thinly cut, and take really well to quick marinades.

What a nice afternoon; we got to eat out on the deck, and discuss all of the possible toppings and combinations we could think of to make this little steak sandwich a regular in the rotation.   I think it would be great for tailgating or having a bunch of friends over.

 As for tonights dinner, we are trying out red oak plank grilled salmon.  If we aren’t in a food coma later on I will post the recipe if it turns out well, so come on back, ya hear!


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