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Farm to fork large pork box

I was so excited this week to get our first delivery of pork to the Farm to Fork meat buying club that we started at work! 

Meat buying clubs are an opportunity for people to purchase organic and humanely raised meats directly from the farmer. You can find more information about programs like ours here and here

Our group operates on a month to month basis right now, and for the first month we decided to go with pork. Our farmer was Brad Moore from Liberty, NC.  It was really great to finally meet him this week after we had been playing email-tag for so long.   It really puts lots of pressure on you to put the meat to good use when you meet the people who obviously take such good care of their animals! 

Well, we got a large box of pork. The large order included 2 pork roasts, spare ribs, pork chops, bratwurst, breakfast sausage and a ham steak.  I have lots of recipes to find now!

I plan to put all of our adventures with these great cuts of meat here on the blog.  Wish us luck!


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